Photo Walks are a fun way to experience a new outdoor location, make new friends, and learn a few things along the way. Taking pictures with your camera or smart phone helps you look at things with a different point of view. 
We offer seasonal themes and scavenger hunt style photo walks. You might explore an urban area with an assignment to find certain colors or abstract items, like geometric shapes.
Beyond composition and lighting techniques, we engage participants with stories. Instead of taking a picture of tulip, for example, we compare aging flowers to little old ladies aging gracefully--an equally compelling story. Or, we might ask, "Why are you drawn to that purple flower? Does it bring back memories of Grandma's garden?" 
Previous Events
Photo Walk, Windmill Island, May 2022
Photography gives us time to take a mindful approach to stop, look, and see things anew. Join us on an exclusive early morning and evening photo walk of Windmill Island Gardens in full festival bloom. Multiple days/times available.
Garden Photography Workshop
We offer a full-day photography workshop to tell the story of the garden. We begin by exploring the garden together—learning how to look at it from different perspectives and uniqueness. Learn how to maximize your time and work with changing light. The event includes a lunchtime lecture and support as we make images in the garden. Lunch is not included; please bring a sack lunch. 
Throughout the day, practice techniques, including aperture, depth of field, and different kinds of natural light. Work with a range of lenses, including wide angle, telephoto, and macro lenses. 

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