Photography provides the opportunity to take a mindful approach to stop, look, and see things anew. 
Bring a friend or enjoy some much deserved solitude with a small group as you take time to slow down, reflect, and heal from our daily challenges. 
Join photographers, Kathy Odiorne and Heidi Quellet for a photo walk in one of many Kent and Ottawa County parks in West Michigan, from Grand Rapids to Holland and more. Learn tips on composition, light, and creativity. 
Bring your camera or smart phone and capture the beauty of Michigan's seasons with us at a Contemplative Photography Workshop
Mindfulness Exercise on Your Photo Walk
"Suppose I hold a leaf in my hand. What do you see? A leaf is a leaf: it is not a flower. But, in fact, when we look deeply into the leaf, we can see many things. We can see the plant, we can see the sunshine, we can see the cloud, we ca see the earth. When we utter the word leaf, we have to be aware that a leaf is made of non-leaf elements. If we remove the non-leaf elements, such as the sunshine, clouds, and the soil, there will be no leaf left. So it is with our bodies and ourselves. We're not the same as, nor are we separate from, other beings. We're connected to everything, and everything is alive."
- Leaf Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh

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