No matter where you are in life or spiritual journey we offer independent workshops or as a compliment to an existing retreat at your church, non-profit, nature center, women's group, senior center, etc. 
We guide you through prayerful practices in a gentle in-person retreat. The ability to know your gifts and nurture them provides clarity to know where God is calling you to live a joy-filled life.
We invite healthcare practitioners, from nurses and doctors to office staff, teachers, parents, grandparents, students, and anyone who needs self-care time.
Prayerful experiences can include a centering walk and/or group spiritual activity.
Workshops are designed to cultivate:
- Mindfulness by connecting to the wonder of God's creation. 
- Opening our hearts through deep listening and writing. 
- Creativity with art as a healing and spiritual practice.
Build a custom Joy Retreat from 2-4 hours with your group to support the path towards greater well being, creativity, purpose, and resiliency. 

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